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The ideal way to wellness water

Do you react sensitively to some swimming pool water? Ospa wellness water is gentle on the eyes, gentle on the skin and has no bothersome swimming pool odor. Unique water treatment from Ospa leads the way there.

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Natural common salt and highly effective active carbon are the keys to perfect water quality which meets the highest demands. Perfectly coordinated technology, consisting of Ospa-BlueControl®, Ospa-Filter SuperS and Ospa-BlueClear® disinfection, provides for unique swimming pleasure.

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Ospa Filter EcoClean SuperS

Thanks to active carbon, there is no disturbing swimming pool odor – only crystal-clear and naturally pure water. Ospa Filter SuperS cleans thoroughly  and even removes taste, odor and  dye particles.

Ospa BlueControl® 5 Web

The high-tech control, which fully automatically and energy efficiently provides luxury-class, spring-like water. Water temperature, water values, room climate, covering, water features,  lighting – with Ospa BlueControl® 5 Web, all of it is securely under your control.

Ospa BlueClear®

The unique Ospa BlueClear® disinfection provides for especially oxygen-rich water which feels wonderfully fresh on the skin. It operates on-demand, protectively, based on natural salt.

My eyes no longer burn when I swim

Anna R.


Excellent swimming enjoyment: with our treatment, you can expect neither red eyes nor irritation of the skin, as you have experienced in other swimming pools.

  • Thorough cleaning with active carbon
  • Common salt-based disinfection
  • No burning eyes
  • Constant and optimal water quality

Our water feels great

Madeleine K.


Once you've dipped into Ospa water, you understand the difference: our water has a very special freshness that you will sorely miss in conventionally treated swimming pools.

  • High quality oxygen compounds thanks to Ospa-BlueClear®
  • Only active substances that are approved by drinking water regulations
  • Naturally fresh

It smells nothing like a swimming pool

Rebecca O.


An unpleasant experience we have all had: water can not only sting your eyes, but your nose as well — but not with us.

  • Removal of all odor, dye and taste particles thanks to active carbon filtration
  • Perfected filtration technology
  • No chlorine odor
  • Hygienic swimming enjoyment