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For swimming pools Products and accessories

As a system manufacturer, Ospa offers a complete product line for the construction of private pools and public swimming pools, from a single source. A large selection of water features as well as whirlpools and floating pools round out our product line, which is "Made in Germany."

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From energy efficient swimming pool filters to disinfection systems, swimming pool and whirlpool heaters to measurement and control technology, we provide everything you need for swimming pool water treatment, all coordinated with each other and automated for your perfect swimming pool experience.

Our range of whirlpools for indoors and outdoors extends from whirlpools with or without channel (optionally concreted) to swimming pool & whirlpool combinations. We also offer cold water dip pools for your sauna.

In the category of features & lighting we present our diverse water features. Whether a waterfall, neck surge, massage station or air bubble jet recliner – the variety of products from Ospa will always be a highlight in your pool. For athletically ambitious swimmers, we have developed the powerful PowerSwim counter-current system. With an extensive selection of LED-RGB underwater lights, you can create the right ambience for your swimming pool.

The Ospa Floating Spa promises weightless flotation, the new wellness trend that effectively fights stress and over-stimulation. Float the day away easily in warm salt water.

We have a large selection of swimming pool accessories for the whirlpool and swimming pool. Whether care products, pool vacuums or testing sets for swimming pool water, installation parts, water reservoirs or pool ladders. The Ospa product line is extensive and provides everything you need for swimming pool construction and swimming pool maintenance.

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Water treatment

The way to exceptionally healthy water is through the unique water treatment process from Ospa. Natural common salt and highly effective active carbon are the keys to perfect water quality. This ideally coordinated technology provides for impeccable swimming water quality.

Features & lighting

Create a very special ambience in your swimming pool or whirlpool with features and lighting. Whether for your athletic ambitions or for relaxing with targeted massage. Create your own personal wellness oasis!


An Ospa whirlpool provides pure relaxation. Enjoy the full super whirling power of the body-encompassing Ospa whirl and massage system and leave your stress behind in no time at all.

Floating Spa

Stress, hectic rush, over-stimulation? The ideal answer for this is the new wellness trend: floating – float weightlessly in warm salt water and unwind. Pure relaxation.

Whirlpool and swimming pool accessories

The right swimming pool accessories are part of basic pool needs. We prioritize the highest quality here. The right inlet and outlet jets, wall ducts or skimmers? Need a water reservoir for your salt water pool or a testing kit for your swimming pool water?