OSPA is a climate-neutral manufacturer since 2021
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From pioneer to market leader

With more than 65,000 references, Ospa swimming pool technology is a leading manufacturer of whirlpool and swimming pool treatment systems – a pioneer in the whirlpool and swimming pool industry with decades of experience since 1929.

Through constant research and development and with the highest standards of quality and convenience, Ospa constantly develops new solutions and technologies that are "Made in Germany."

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Company history


Our maxim is to provide health-conscious swimming pool owners with the best possible natural swimming pool water, without compromising on hygiene. Ospa healthy water must have spring-like freshness, be oxygen-rich and have none of the otherwise common chlorine odor. And our quality promise is effective: more than 65,000 Ospa systems in private and hotel pools, therapy pools in hospitals, sanatoriums and clinics at home and abroad speak to the great trust customers place in high quality Ospa technology.

Quality Made in Germany

In-house development and production of the entire range of products guarantees carefully coordinated components that are combined into effective water treatment systems.

We are the only manufacturer to develop and produce all of our water treatment components
here in Germany.

In doing so, we prioritize the highest quality and set standards with high quality materials and first-rate processing. The durability and robustness of our systems guarantee perfect water quality, even after many years – naturally "Made in Germany."

Made in Germany


Our philosophy is simple but challenging and focuses on two areas that are particularly close to our hearts: people and the environment. This means that we protect your health above all and wish to increase your wellness. At the same time, however, this should not occur at the expense of the environment. Our concept for especially gentle and protective water treatment thus applies both to your personal swimming enjoyment, for one, and also to the conservative use of resources, for another. That means minimal use of water treatment chemicals and energy. Our water treatment technology therefore operates efficiently and extensively automatically, which relieves you even further and provides you with a carefree swimming experience.


Ospa swimming pool technology is committed to a variety of sponsoring activities. With in-kind and monetary donations, we take regional athletic clubs as well as children and youth under our wing. Social responsibility and engagement are a permanent part of our corporate philosophy today.